This SevOne Studios production focuses on many of the unique features that make SevOne THE performance choice for the world’s most connected companies. Every two weeks, Alec & Alex will host a live demonstration that will emphasize a different component of the SevOne platform, and discuss real-life scenarios and use cases. Join them, and see why SevOne is the only digital infrastructure management platform engineered for Speed at Scale.

Securing Your SD-WAN Environment with Versa

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Versa Networks enables companies to re-architect their enterprise WAN and branch office networks through a software-based and multi-service approach to SD-WAN. Versa takes the components of an SD-WAN infrastructure and couples it with the benefits of a security solution by integrating multiple functions into an easy to manage SD-WAN security solution.

By using SevOne to monitor your Versa infrastructure, users can understand how data is traveling in a “smart environment” in real-time. Simultaneously, users have the ability to understand how the entire datacenter is interacting with Versa. Join us, and see it all in action.

July 26 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Service Assurance for OpenStack NFV

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OpenStack provides agility and efficiency to a world that is otherwise increasingly complex, especially inside the datacenter. In 2017, it is imperative that applications that run on OpenStack are performing correctly. Is your performance solution ready?

Using SevOne’s new RetinaVu combined with OpenStack provides the real-time visibility CSPs need to efficiently monitor and manage physical and virtual network infrastructure simultaneously, using a single, unified platform.

August 9 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Immediate ROI: Rogue Backup

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SevOne has the unique ability to detect abnormalities and discover unusual behavior before outages occur. In 2017, a performance solution that doesn't provide this proactive insight is costing your business.

Join us, and see a real-life Use Case in which a troubleshooter applies SevOne to determine the cause of a massive slowdown at a different location. By using SevOne’s alert and status mapping ability, the user quickly determines that a server is being over utilized. From there, they are able to use a Flow Report and discover that the server is set to backup at the wrong time. By using a series of reports, the user is able to identify, resolve, and prevent the critical slowdown from affecting end-users.

August 23 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Getting Clarity: Monitoring in the Cloud

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Monitoring cloud services has become a necessity. But in order to monitor these services, solutions must have the ability to collect, monitor and baseline performance across all data available, regardless of its source. By using SevOne and our new RetinaVu, users can:

  • Monitor data from AWS and End User Experience, and multiple metrics in one place
  • Treat flows of AWS like any other metric, and provide ROI that can save organizations resources and money
  • See real-time proactive notifications by identifying changes in performance behavior before end users are impacted

    September 6 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now