This SevOne Studios production focuses on many of the unique features that make SevOne THE performance choice for the world’s most connected companies. Every two weeks, Alec & Alex will host a live demonstration that will emphasize a different component of the SevOne platform, and discuss real-life scenarios and use cases. Join them, and see why SevOne is the only digital infrastructure management platform engineered for Speed at Scale.

Introduction to SevOne Data Insight

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SevOne Data Insight transforms physical and virtual operations management environments through customizable visualizations and flexible, shareable workflows that deliver the right insight to the right person, at the right time.

Join us, and see one of SevOne’s newest products in action.

September 27 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Making a Connection: Enterprise WiFi

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SevOne brings the performance visibility and insight into this complex environment to address concerns in today’s enterprise wireless infrastructure. In this demo, you will learn how SevOne provides enterprise IT and network operations complete, real-time Wi-Fi visibility, plus sophisticated tools for quickly finding, diagnosing, and fixing Wi-Fi performance issues—before they impact end users.

October 11 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Immediate ROI: Rogue Backup

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Join us, and see a real-life Use Case in which a troubleshooter applies SevOne to determine the cause of a massive slowdown at a different location. By using SevOne’s alert and status mapping ability, the user quickly determines that a server is being over utilized. From there, they are able to use a Flow Report and discover that the server is set to backup at the wrong time. By using a series of reports, the user is able to identify, resolve, and prevent the critical slowdown from affecting end-users. By attending, you’ll see the demonstration all within SevOne’s latest product, SevOne Data Insight.

    October 25 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now