This SevOne Studios production focuses on many of the unique features that make SevOne THE performance choice for the world’s most connected companies. Every two weeks, Alec & Alex will host a live demonstration that will emphasize a different component of the SevOne platform, and discuss real-life scenarios and use cases. Join them, and see why SevOne is the only digital infrastructure management platform engineered for Speed at Scale.

Monitoring Cisco ACI Infrastructures

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Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), is a software-defined datacenter solution that allows customers to design large scale, highly available, secure, agile and policy-driven network infrastructure.

With SevOne, organizations can gather real-time inventory and performance insight through metrics gathered by SNMP and log messages sent from the ACI solution.

In this Web Demo, learn how SevOne can monitor the performance of both Cisco’s ACI infrastructures, as well as associated devices with the ACI. This allows organizations to understand how everything is interacting and interconnected together.

Jan 25 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Visualizing Your World: OpenStack and Topology

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For most monitoring solutions, getting visibility into Cloud components can be challenging. Most solutions don’t offer users the ability to see everything on the same dashboard and in the same location. SevOne can monitor OpenStack Infrastructures, and allow users the ability poll KPIs directly off OpenStack and monitor it with other types of devices.

Watch this web demo to see how SevOne delivers to troubleshooters, a single and complete view that ties the cloud portion of their infrastructure to their physical, all from the same dashboard and on the same location.

Feb 8 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Real-Time Troubleshooting with Logs

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The SevOne Performance Log Appliance (PLA) is the only solution that automatically correlates real-time network and IT performance metrics with log events in a single integrated solution. Why is this important?

Join us for this Web Demo, and see. While traditional performance data such as SNMP and IP SLA metrics tell you when spikes, anomalies, and outages occur, logs provide additional insight by revealing who or what caused the issue. By combining Log Data to Metrics and Flows, users are able to answer a whole new series of questions.

Feb 22 | 1:00 PM EDT - Register Now

Enterprise Wifi

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    March 8 | 1:00 PM EDT 

    Backhaul Monitoring

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    Coming Soon!

    March 22 | 1:00 PM EDT