--> SevOne: SDN Monitoring for Cisco ACI

SDN Monitoring for Cisco ACI

The potential benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) are too compelling to ignore.

The benefits of SDN come from the ability to automate and virtualize datacenters from top to bottom, including compute, storage, and network services. By creating network elasticity, programmability and scalability, SDN opens up a world of possibilities. Through virtualization of network serviced and automated provisioning, SDN can deliver major operational improvements and cost savings. Many enterprises, however, are proceeding cautiously with SDN, which means that the benefits remain largely unrealized.

Download our Solution Guide to learn how the SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution for Cisco ACI makes it easy for companies to gain to benefits of SDN while significantly reducing its complexities and risks.

SevOne’s Maturity Model for Infrastructure Monitoring provides Enterprise IT and Service Provider organizations with an effective, product-agnostic blueprint for achieving optimized service delivery via performance monitoring. Learn the different stages of maturity and how your organization can level up its monitoring strategy.