SevOne Studios delivers live demonstrations of how the SevOne Data Platform simplifies the extraction, enrichment and analysis of your network and machine data across multivendor environments, transforming raw data into actionable, real-time insights to meet the agility and efficiency needs of your business. Join Alec and Alex as they discuss real-life scenarios and use cases, and see how SevOne delivers insight for the connected world.

Upcoming Demos:

April 3, 2019 at 1pm ET | Creating Custom Metrics

Network monitoring isn’t a perfect science. A user may want to build a report in order to troubleshoot an issue, then discover that the necessary metric doesn’t exist. Or, what if a user wants to combine metrics from two different devices but the monitoring system doesn’t offer that flexibility? What can a troubleshooter do?

With SevOne, users can achieve their objectives by simply creating custom metrics – such as Percent Usage, Percent Loss, Percent Error, and Percent Idle. No out-of-the-box indicators to meet users’ needs? No problem. With the SevOne Data Platform, users can simply create the specific metrics they need!

In this web demo, we will showcase the power of creating custom metrics, and offer best practices for creating them.

April 24, 2019 at 1pm ET | Monitoring & Troubleshooting the Network

IT operations is often a thankless job. You likely receive tickets with less-than-helpful comments like “the internet is slow”, or “I can’t access this application.” Do you have the tools to investigate and proactively resolve these issues? Or better yet, the ability to prove that the issue is not a network problem?

The SevOne Data Platform provides the infrastructure monitoring capabilities you need to pinpoint the issues plaguing your users. And when those tickets erroneously blaming the network flood in, it enables you to prove that the problems actually lie elsewhere.

In this demonstration, we will show you how the SevOne Data Platform gives you everything you need to properly monitor your network, and see all the data from a single pane of glass.

May 15, 2019 at 1pm ET | Monitoring Next-Gen Branch

Enterprises are embracing multi-vendor, next generation SD-WAN services with Wi-Fi only access to deliver unmatched user experiences to network services and business critical applications to their increasingly mobile workforce.

Whether enterprises manage these next generation services themselves or consume them through MSPs, systems that collect and analyze SD-WAN and Wi-Fi management data are required to provide operational insight from the user perspective to correlate it with infrastructure performance data.

In this demonstration, we will be showing how the SevOne Data Platform eases the transition to next generation enterprise branch offices, by helping customers monitor their entire intelligent network infrastructure, SD-WAN and Wi-Fi, simultaneously and together.