SevOne Studios delivers live demonstrations of how SevOne simplifies the extraction, enrichment and analysis of your network and machine data across multi-vendor environments, transforming raw data into actionable, real-time insights to meet the agility and efficiency needs of your business. Join SevOne experts as they discuss real-life scenarios and use cases, and see how SevOne delivers insight for the connected world.

Upcoming Demos:

October 23, 2019 at 1pm ET | Sneak Preview - The Future of Modern Monitoring & Analytics

Enterprises, CSPs and MSPs need network monitoring capabilities that are as just as fast, flexible and scalable as their new networks. More specifically, they require faster, smarter and easier ways to gather and analyze performance data, shape the resulting operational insights, and share them with all types of users across their organizations.

In this live web demo, learn how Sevone Data Insight 2.0, with an all-new interface, leverages real-time monitoring coupled with easy ways for any user to find, use and share valuable network performance insights.  

November 6, 2019 at 1pm ET | Best Practices for Monitoring Cisco Routers and Switches

Monitoring your Cisco network can be overwhelming. Catalyst, ISR, ACI, Nexus, IOS, then add in hardware versions and different software releases - it’s difficult to keep it all straight.

SevOne makes it simple. We’ve been helping our customers with insights into their Cisco-based network since 2005.

In this live web demo, SevOne experts will cover a series of best practices for monitoring your mission-critical Cisco-based network with integrated metric and flow for insights at your fingertips. 

November 20, 2019 at 1pm ET | Best Practices for Monitoring SD-WANs

Enterprises are embracing multi-vendor, next generation SD-WAN services to deliver unmatched user experiences to network services and business-critical applications to their increasingly mobile workforce.

Whether enterprises manage these next generation services themselves or consume them through MSPs, systems that collect and analyze SD-WAN management data are required to provide operational insight and correlate it with infrastructure performance data.

In this demonstration, we will be showing how SevOne eases the transition to next generation SD-WAN infrastructure, by helping customers monitor their entire intelligent network, including their new SD-WAN and their existing WAN infrastructure, simultaneously and together. 

December 4, 2019 at 1pm ET | Best Practices for Anomaly Detection (Intelligent Alerting) with SevOne

The environments IT and NetOps teams oversee today are larger and more complex, employing advanced load balancing and redundancy schemes to control and scale resources. Defining and maintaining static thresholds to measure and detect violations in this world becomes a burdensome task that simply doesn't scale or cover all the gaps.

In this demo we will show you how to leverage SevOne to detect anomalies in your performance data using Baseline and Slope based thresholding. We'll show how you can quickly identify deviations from normal behavior that otherwise may not have violated a static thresholds. 

December 18, 2019 at 1pm ET | Best Practices for Monitoring Cisco ACI-based Datacenters

Managing the performance of a large-scale network was challenging enough when the infrastructure was fairly static. Now, with Cisco ACI, customers can more easily scale out their networks by automating the provisioning of policies and paths through the network, making the challenge of monitoring such a dynamic environment even greater.

Transitioning from a legacy, static-based network to one that is policy-driven adds enhanced features and levels of security and availability. However, customers are often left with two networks—both of which need to be managed.

In this web demo, learn how SevOne provides insights in both the legacy network and the next generation Cisco ACI fabric with performance metrics in a single dashboard - helping operators automatically understand both physical hardware and virtual network performance, providing a complete view of overall data center health.