SevOne Studios delivers live demonstrations of how SevOne simplifies the extraction, enrichment and analysis of your network and machine data across multi-vendor environments, transforming raw data into actionable, real-time insights to meet the agility and efficiency needs of your business. Join SevOne experts as they discuss real-life scenarios and use cases, and see how SevOne delivers insight for the connected world.

Upcoming Demos:

March 4, 2020 at 1pm ET | Leveraging and Extending SNMP-based Monitoring in Today's Modern Network

Network monitoring and IT operations is often a thankless job. You likely receive tickets with less-than-helpful comments like “the internet is slow”, or “I can’t access this application.” Do you have the tools to investigate and proactively resolve these issues? Or better yet, the ability to prove that the issue is not a network problem?
In today’s modern network, SNMP-based monitoring alone will only get you so far. You’ll need more horsepower to get the job done.   
In this SevOne web demo, you’ll learn how to leverage and extend SNMP monitoring to support your network today and the network from tomorrow.

March 25, 2020 at 1pm ET | Best Practices for Monitoring Cisco ACI-based Datacenters

Managing the performance of a large-scale network was challenging enough when the infrastructure was fairly static. Now, with Cisco ACI, customers can more easily scale out their networks by automating the provisioning of policies and paths through the network, making the challenge of monitoring such a dynamic environment even greater.
Transitioning from a legacy, static-based network to one that is policy-driven adds enhanced features and levels of security and availability. However, customers are often left with two networks—both of which need to be managed. 
In this web demo, learn how the SevOne Data Platform provides insights in both the legacy network and the next generation Cisco ACI fabric with performance metrics in a single dashboard.